spreading JOY as much as we can

One of the things many of us loved most about Lindsay was her sense of humor. I can remember talking on the phone with her, sharing funny stories, and laughing to the point of not being able to breathe. Lindsay’s ability to be genuinely herself and get anyone laughing sparked a tribe of people to…

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Every big dream started as just a thought.

Imagine you are sitting quietly having your morning coffee, or wherever you do your best thinking, and a seemingly random idea pops into your head.  It could be you are thinking about checking in with a friend having a rough time, planning a special quarantine birthday, or simply making a delicious dessert for your kids. …

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The beginning of spreadJOY

Journal Entry

I think we all can relate – the news we get that we think will be the thing that breaks us and alters the plans we have made for our lives.  It can look like so many different things – the diagnosis, the death, the loss of a relationship, pain that has been forced on…

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