Imagine you are sitting quietly having your morning coffee, or wherever you do your best thinking, and a seemingly random idea pops into your head.  It could be you are thinking about checking in with a friend having a rough time, planning a special quarantine birthday, or simply making a delicious dessert for your kids.  Sometimes life gets in the way and we don’t always act on the notion of putting a smile on someone else’s face.  Lindsay’s death has brought the reality of how short life truly is.  If Lindsay never acted on her random idea to bring joy to someone every day, so many lives would have gone untouched by this wonderful movement.  Tell people you love them, hold the door for strangers, drop off a meal to someone, and do whatever makes you happy.  Every big dream that’s ever manifested started as just a thought. 

“I also came up with an idea today to see if I can find one way to spread joy to someone else every day.  Not a huge grand gesture (sometimes), but just look for a way to make someone smile, including my immediate family and friends.  I’ll try to note it in my planner each day.  Maybe I’ll share it on my Instagram stories & see if anyone else would join in sometimes too.”

Lindsay Stetson journal 1/2/2020